Your Questions, Our Answers

Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact us using the Contact Form.

 When does the contracted time start?

The contracted time starts when your event starts. Platinum Event Entertainment will not set up equipment once the party begins, due to liability. The music will be playing at your event when the first guest walks in the door!


Do you take requests?

This is your choice.  Platinum Event Entertainment will take/accept requests from your guests, unless you specify otherwisee However, we will ensure that song requests are appropriate for the occasion and/or are condusive to promote dancing.


Are you insured?

Absolutely!  This should be one of the first 5 questions you ask any vendor who will be providing services at your event.  We have a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.


Is it customary to tip my DJ?

This is a question in which most people are uncomfortable to ask. Our response is, "it's up to you."  A tip is given based on good services rendered, whether it is at a restaurant, barber shop, or wedding reception.  Our DJ’s do not expect a tip but extra monies for excellent service provided will be graciously accepted. 


How late will you play?

We'll play 'til you tell us to stop.  Keep in mind that many reception halls in the area have time limits that they will allow for events.  In most cases, if it's going to be past midnight, the bride and groom need to discuss it first with their reception hall.  Clearing this up ahead of time will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises or disappointments on the night of the reception. 


What is the minimum amount of time that you'll play?

For most events it's a 4 hour minimum.  However there are exceptions to this rule. Contact us regarding your special requests. 


We want to show a memory video during the reception, can you help?

Yes, Platinum Event Entertainment has an LCD projector, screen, and DVD player available to rent for the presentation.  We also provide the necessary cables so the music from the presentation plays through our professional sound system.


How long have you been in business?

Platinum Event Entertainment has been in business for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on professionalism and the many referrals of people who have either seen us DJ or who have booked us for their events.  We believe there’s no better compliment than for someone to give our name and number to a potential client.


Can you provide references?

Of course!  Just ask. Platinum Event Entertainment will gladly provide  a list of previous clients who've used our company to provide entertainment for their event.


What do you wear?

Your DJ will professionally dressed, most times in a suite unless discussed beforehand and agreed upon.  During set-up time, we may be dressed more casual but yet still professional.  Platinum Event Entertainment will arrive at your venue approximately 45 - 60 minutes before the scheduled start time.


Why should I hire a DJ when I can use my iPod and rent a sound system?

An experienced DJ will be able to read your crowd and react to their musical tastes.  While you may load an iPod with a lot of songs, think about your guests.  The most talked about receptions are the ones where  guests are having a fantastic time and the dance floor is busy. You’ve heard the term “silence is golden”...this does not hold true when it comes to DJ’ing.  One of our pet peeves is to have silence between songs.  The music at your party should flow from song to song, not starting and stopping. Platinum Event Entertainment’s music library spans from the 1920’s through the current songs of today.  Chances are we have the music that will cater to most everyone on your guest list. 

When do we meet with you to discuss the event?

Platinum Event Entertainment will call you approximately 3-4 weeks before the event.  We will schedule a consultation 2-3 weeks if you are planning a wedding.  This gives us time to prepare "hard-to-find" special requests and gives you plenty of time to call us with any last minute changes.


What kinds of music do you have?
Platinum Event Entertainment has every genre of music including Rock, R&B, Rap, Disco, Hip Hop, the old Standards, Classical, Hard Rock, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Bluegrass, Mambo, Reggae, Waltz, Latin, Polka, and Techno. If you have a special request for a certain style of music, just let us know ahead of time and we will make sure it’s played at your event.


Will the volume be controlled?
Yes. You are in control of the volume of the music. Platinum Event Entertainment want you and your guests to be comfortable at a volume that you feel is reasonable.


Do you have a wireless microphone that we could use?
Platinum Event Entertainment always carries a wireless microphone for toast-making, speeches and or announcements.


Do you provide backup equipment at my event?
Platinum Event Entertainment always has a backup system available in case something should happen to the primary equipment. Over the past 15 years there has never been an unfortunate instance when the equipment has failed.